3 weeks to go…..

We have had an interesting weekend continuing our prep for the trip. Not long to go now! The main item on the agenda was food preparation so we decided to try some of the dehydrated food before we committed to taking it on the trip….. Lets just say it was an interesting night for all involved!!! So with not long to go, its back to the drawing board on the food front.

Luckily, our horse prep seems to be coming along a little more successfully. The ponies are now all hobbling well and seem to have no issues with the thin, 1 strand electric fence set up – in fact, they are very reluctant to even go near it! Bundi had his first ride out yesterday and apart from one big shy, he went as well as we could have hoped. Baxter was almost fully loaded with the pack saddles yesterday – only one incident with a tree was had but he handled it well. He just has to learn how wide the pack saddle actually is.

It is starting to all become very real. Only 14 days left at work for me, 2 weekends of prep and lots and lots left to do…… We just have to trust that it will all happen, and whatever doesn’t, I’m sure we will figure it out quickly, make do and pick up supplies along the way.