Human Bios


Has worked as a physiotherapist for the past 3 years in Cairns, Qld. I have only had horses for 2 years but have never looked back! I only decided to do this trip about 12 weeks before departure and it has been a whirlwind getting prepared to complete the journey. I have learnt lots during the prep and am prepared for a lot more learning! This is something that I have never done or even considered doing but I am excited (and nervous!) about the challange/s that lie ahead.

I have been elected communications manager of this team, so I will be updating the blog as we travel along. Please forgive any bad grammar or spelling mistake….. you can imagine how hard it is to try and upload blogs from a mobile phone!


Preston (Who would like to be known as the photographer)

Normally works in IT and is the brains behind this trip. WIth over 20 years experience in horses including endurance riding and treks, he is the one with the experience and the know how to get this trip done! He will be learning a new skill of photographer over the next 12 months….. I think he will have a lot of scenery to practice on!