Bouldercombe to Kroombit National Park

After spending a week in Bouldercombe, we were ready to leave with new gear in hand, thanks to the handiwork of Joe and Jean who have been so amazing to us. We woke up bright and early to beat the heat, only to find that Mater had been bitten by one of the other horses (don’t know who but we have our suspicions). The bite just happens to be on his back which means that he can’t be used for sometime. After some deliberation, we decided to continue, with one of us walking on foot for half of the day!


Joe and Jean

We said goodbye to Prestons parents then set off up the pack saddle trail, which was a short climb with brilliant views up towards Mt Morgan. 2 days of walking and we reached Therese and Cedrics place where we camped for a little while. We spent hours chatting and getting advice from the seasoned BNTers, and plenty of time playing with their gorgeous boys! While having our little rest, we picked up a new addition to our plant, Laurie – a 15.3hh, 12 yr quaterhorse/stockhorse.



While at Therese and Cedrics, I got to participate in my first ‘muster’, as we tailed weaners one afternoon. I rode Laurie – he definitely was better at it than me and knew exactly what he had to do.


The boys!

With 5 members in the team, we set off riding again with the promise of better grass (which was delivered) so sprirts were high. That afternoon, We had another “unfortunate” event, which means that we are back walking again…. C’est la vie!!!! (All humans and horses are fine)

The first couple of camps were lovely with good grass and water, and we were able to do a 2 on 1 rest day rotation which was great for the horses (they barely slept while they devoured the green pick) and lovely for us as we were able to stop and relax a bit!

We saw our first national trail sign along the Dawson highway, which was probably the only highlight of the day as we battled through thick grass along the road verge and semitrailers hooking along at 100kph. The horses were well behaved for the most part, especially considering the rough day that it was. We were pretty happy to have a rest day the next day 🙂



We were happy to leave the highway as we travelled towards Kroombit National Park through some lovely country side. The camp at Callide creek was the best that we had seen with green grass for miles and a beautiful water hole with no crocs! We had a lovely afternoon relaxing while the horses ate as much as they could.


We are still on foot half a day each and are managing well except for a couple of blisters that won’t seem to go away!

We are now at Kroombit tourist park. The park is a cute little place run by backpackers with activities including goat mustering and lasooing, whip cracking and mechanical bull riding. The food is all cooked in a big fire pit and the roasts are to die for!

We have now done over 33% of the trail and are pushing up towards 2000km travelled. The next section sees us wind our way up through the kroombits national park and down to mungungo (near Monto).