Collinsville to Nebo

7 days of walking in a row was a bit of a shock for both the ponies and us as we headed off from collinsville towards nebo.

This section of the trail was straight down a dirt road which we managed to break up every now and again by heading across country whenever we could. The conditions were dry with little feed, which is why we weren’t able to have a rest day during the week.

The last part of the trail was along a bitumen highway, and we were both amazed by the amount of rubbish along the roadside. In one section, I couldn’t get  my breath I was calling and pointing out glass bottles that often!

Unfortunately the horses lost  a bit of condition, however we spent three days in Nebo pouring the feed into them – they were feeling pretty fresh as we headed off on the next section yesterday morning!

Banjo, or Buzz as Preston calls him, has started to settle in to life on the trail, but was very excited when turned out in a paddock for a rest and showed us his appreciation with a buck, kick and a head toss as he explored his new home for 3 days. He obviously didn’t work too hard on the trail if he had the energy to do that 😛

We had a lovely 3 days, staying with Chris and Brian who welcomed us into their home with open arms, and were such a great help to us! We spent the three days cleaning and organising gear, visiting the moranbah campdraft and a lot of time just chatting with Chris and Brian – I think Preston got a lot of ideas and has started planning his next adventure, sailing around the pacific! We were truly relaxed and rested by the time 3 days were over, but it did go so quickly!


The best corned beef I have ever eaten… Given to us as we were riding along the road!


Approach to the little bowen


Mater hanging out with Chris and Brian’s boat


Heading in to camp on night…. And all 6 of us in a photo!