Day 1,2 and 3 – Cooktown to Ayton… And then a little detour.

Cooktown to the Lions Den Hotel  was a hot, long day with the majority of the ride on Bitumen. We had a small mishap with Dusty loosing a shoe halfway into the day being sucked off in the wet ground.  Bundi then had to step up and be ridden. We were both very impressed with how the horses handled the traffic…. and I must say we weren’t so impressed with how the traffic handled the horses. We probably would say 40% of drivers slowed down around the horses, with 60% of people flying right by like we weren’t even there. After 8 hours of hot sun and bitumen we finally arrived and a cold shower was very much appreciated.

Lions Den to Ayton was a lot of bitumen work again, with only small verges to get off the road for the many large trucks that passed us. The locals tell us that the whole road will be bitumen by the end of the year…. not so conducive to an enjoyable ride  and hard work on the ponies who skid down the steep hills!

Once set up in Ayton, we went for a drive to scout the Bloomfield crossing to scope out our next day seeing the Creb Track is closed and unlikely to be opened any time soon.

After a lot of discussion, we made the extremely hard decision to float around and start again in Mossman. We feel strongly that it is too dangerous to attempt the Bloomfield track and Daintree Road.

We plan to start again on Thursday from Mossman.


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Day One – Leaving Cooktown….