Horse Bio’s

We originally started with 4 ponies, but along the trail have managed to increase to 5 horses.


Mater is the original of the herd and is a 14 year old, 15hh chestnut Quater Horse. He has competed in barrel racing and campdrafting and has been a lead pony which makes him a perfect riding horse for the trip. He is a great pony to have around and just seems to do enough to get the job done. He is always happy to do what is asked of him, but is just as happy to eat grass or have a cuddle!



Bundi is an 11 year old, 14.3hh Quater horse/Stockhorse who we found in Townsville about 10 weeks prior to departure. His previous owner said he needed some work… I’m not sure that this was the amount of work she had in mind! Both Bundi and Dusty came to the herd at the same time and have settled right in. With a little bit of training, Bundi has settled in to life on the trail and has taken on the job of lookout. This means that he is the hardest to keep weight on as he is protector of the herd – but someone’s got t do the job!



Dusty is a 13 year old, 15.1hh solid Quater horse/Stockhorse who we aquired from Ingham. He is no stranger to work as he has done feedlot work and mustering his whole life. Dusty is our go to horse. He is almost unflappable (except when miniture horses appear out of nowhere) and goes into work mode on the trail. He also has the ability to smell water from kms away and will always let us know when there is water around.


Banjo was meant to be a quiet, 15.3hh, bay, 9 year old stockhorse, however after being aged by his teeth he is only around 6 or 7. He has melded into the herd beautifully and is slowly turning into a really good horse. Banjo is a great packhorse and is loving his herd. He can be a bit protective of his two best mates, but is a solid packhorse and a solid horse to ride.


Laurie is a 12 year old, 15.3hh Bay quaterhorse who we managed to pick up along the trail. He has a lot of experience with cattle and is a pretty special horse. Laurie has settled into the herd and seems to revel in work. He powers up hills and takes the lead well. He is brilliant in the bush but is still learning about life as a city horse.



Baxter is a 7 year old 15.2hh Quater horse Cross bought at the Mareeba sales and has spent the last year being broken in to saddle and pack saddle. He has come along way and is looking like he will fit the job description for main pack horse. 3 months into the trip, Baxter went to Proserpine for a holiday after injuring his hind leg. After he recovered, he found a lovely home in Monto, where he will be loved and taken care of. We will miss him, but are happy that he has such a lovely home.