Life goes on

Life after the trail goes on….

Both of us are very much enjoying post trail life and the challenges it throws up. We have both found jobs and are settling into our reality, although be assured we have a long list of future adventures to be organised!

One of the biggest challenges has been parting with our boys… so far only 1 has found a new home and a couple of others are still looking. I shed many a tear about parting ways with these amazing animals who supported us and provided companionship along the way, and i often thought how am i going to be ok with sending them off to other owners!

This morning i received an email from Bundi’s new owner who is in grade 9 at school. From the first moment we saw them together we knew this was the home he was meant to go to, and they would both grow happily, learning from each other. The email contained a poem that she had written for a school assignment, and the subject was her new pony. I have attached the poem below and happily give Sarah full artistic license!

Knowing bundi is in a home where he is happy, cared for and loved so much makes the whole process easier. I will always be connected to him, and have to give him credit for the amazing horse he has become through his life on the trail. But his lifes purpose now is to teach sarah and grow with her ☺ all the best to both of them, and i love hearing all the brilliant things you are both doing… like learning to jump!

Here is the poem…. i hope the quality is ok!