Mingela to Burdekin Dam

After a week off, both the horses and Preston and I were ready to get back on the trail and going again. We had a lovely ride on one section of the old train line to Ravenswood which was a lovely change from the road verge. The line was built in 1902 and dismantled in the 30s or 40s we were told by a local, so there wasn’t much left except the cutting and the cement from the orginal culverts.

When we reached the little town of Ravenswood, we were met by Julie, our fellow BNTer and Anne and David, the parents of a lady who is planning her trip for next year. We were spoilt by Anne and David who fed us and helped us pick up some gear we had sent from the post office. It still amazes me how such generous people pop up out of nowhere to help in any way they can…. This trip would not be possible without them!

The showgrounds were very accommodating with a paddock for the horses and a tin shed for us, and the hot showers were amazing which probably had something to do with the fact they were our first proper showers for 3 weeks!

On our rest day we did the tourist bit and traded our horses in for bikes and rode around town. It’s a cute little place which thrives on the mines in the area. In it’s hey day, it had anywhere between 20 and 42 pubs (all the sources have different answers) so you can imagine the good times they used to have there.

The night we left ravenswood, the camp had no grass to speak of which wasn’t a good feeling when you have hungry horses. But thanks to Anne and David who dropped off feed, they didn’t suffer too much.

After almost 2 months  on the trail, we are starting to see little issues pop up. We were unfortunate to find out that our pack is no longer useable, but we caught it in time and stopped before it became an issue. We have to say a huge thank you to Joy for the interim pack saddle so we can keep on our journey, Gav for driving out to the Burdekin to bring the pack and our other gear to us, and Sue for driving our broken saddle and gear to the Burdekin and for the smoko, Anzac biscuits and face products:) Again, we are so grateful to the many people who are willing to help us.

Without the pack we were able to put in a big day, bigger than we anticipated. What we thought was a 43 km day turned into 50km which made for a long day. The horses handled it well and you can see how fit they are after a day like that!

The last 2 days have been spent fixing and setting up gear and shoeing horses amongst washing clothes ( in a washing machine!) And other odd jobs.

We head off tomorrow heading for Collinsville with some apprahension as we have heard reports of very little feed. Hopefully our food drops will get us through with no issues!


Anne and David


Horses in camp




Old miners cottage in ravenswood


Arriving at the Burdekin at sunset