After a weeks break to give our horses backs a spell, we are back on the trail tomorrow morning. The break has been nice in someways, but we are very ready to get going!

Over the week it has become evident that our horses are really acting like a herd. They are very pally and don’t like to be separated or any new comers to the herd. They even stick together (mostly) when being taken to water. So far they have only disappeared on us one night – we found them after 45 min walk. Lucky the paddock they were in wasn’t bigger than 1300 acres! After that episode, they got stuck with the electric fence again.

Everyone in mingela has been very friendly and willing to help. The mingela pub, Kim, kada and Graeme were all very kind and willing to help us shuttle horse food around in prep for the poor feed ahead. All week everyone had been telling us how good the food at the pub on Sunday lunch is so we decided to stay a day and try it out. For $5 we had pork, chicken, goat and a variety of veges. We both highly recommend it, but make sure to schedule a lie down afterwards to let the food digest…. We both had to undo a button on our pants we were so full.

We met up with joy on Thursday – she had just completed a month from Nebo to mingela and had heaps of great advice for us as the water and feed is a bit poor. Thanks to her mum who acted as delivery driver with some supplies for us.

Only 4500km to go!