Mutchilba to Herbert river

We set off for stannary hills on Tuesday morning and had a lovely ride through some pretty rocky country despite getting a little off track at the beginning of the day. The next morning we ran into a herd of brumbies who took off at a full gallop over the rough country… They are  certainly some tough horses.

Riding along the Watsonville-irvinbank road we ran into a man on a 4 wheeler who proclaimed in a bush poem that we had rocks in our head. This larger than life character turned out to be tom from Mont Albion station who offered us a feed, a 5 acre paddock and a bed. We spent the afternoon drafting weaners, chatting, watching backpackers disappear into the sunset and visiting the old township of Mont Albion for a private tour. This is the reason why you do the bnt…. The things you get to see and hear and learn about that you wouldn’t come across in everyday life.

Luckily Mt misery didn’t live up to it’s name and we were able to view the countryside from the 1078m peak. The horses are fit now and had no issues with the climb.

Baxter had a minor setback today but nothing a bit of penecillin and painkillers won’t fix… He isn’t lame and can continue the trip with no worries. Just think of a splinter in your toe about 4×1.5×0.5cm….. It was hard to explain to him that he should hold still while we pulled it out!

Tomorrow marks the end of book 1 and Preston and I are still talking to each other…. In fact we are both really enjoying the journey thus far. Only 4900km to go….