On the road again :)

After a three week break, we are on the road again, continuing our journey to Melbourne!

The three weeks off in Collinsville were a little longer than we would have liked, but were required. In hindsight, it was what both Preston and I needed and great for the horses to have a well deserved break!

We were welcomed to the Collinsville pony club with open arms by the Macdonalds, and we were lucky they didn’t mind us staying for a while. We were spoilt with hot showers and kitchen/canteen facilities which meant we were able to eat “normal”food again.
After arriving in Collinsville, we got in contact with Jason from The Overseer Saddlery who helped us out with a new pack and answered our hundreds of questions.

While waiting for the pack to arrive we entertained ourselves by playing cards, reading books (Preston read 2 mills and boons ), drinking cups of tea, moving sprinklers to water the pony club and working horses (I participated in my first pony club rally day!). We once again traded our horses in for bikes which were leant to us for our stay!


I have evidence 🙂

Whilst on our break, we managed to pick up another horse named Banjo. He is a 15.1 hh, 9 year old stockhorse who had previous experience with mustering and pony club, but hadn’t done much in the past year. He has fitted into the herd and is starting to get a taste of what the trail is like. Lucky he has the other boys to show him how it’s done!


Banjo with the new pack!

Mater, who is normally bottom of the herd, is enjoying his new position in life as Banjos boss. He makes laugh as he tries to tell Banjo what to do; he lays his ears back and gives him a look that reminds us of Sheldon Cooper trying to blow someone up with his mind (big bang theory). Banjo is very obliging and does what he is told.

While banjo was with us on trial, Baxter managed to cut his leg on something in the paddock and pulled up lame. He has now gone on a holiday with Bonnie and Ben where I have no doubt he will be spoilt. Hopefully he will meet us in a month down the track as the vet is very happy with how the wound is healing.

Again we have many people to thank: Kerri, Jodie, Cathy, Rodderick and Maisie for the use of the pony club, the grocery runs, the washing machine… And everything else that is too much to list!
John for the rides in an out of town, the cups of tea, the bikes and for showing us all around his workshop (he makes beautiful saddles).
Bonnie and Ben for driving alll the way from Proserpine to pick up silly billy Baxter, taking him to the vet and looking after him.

We left Collinsville this morning and I am happy to report that our new pack seems to be working well and the horses are now contentedly eating grass in camp.


Dusty horse arriving in camp!