Our break in Gundaroo

Our break in Gundaroo.


After finding a paddock, jobs and a little Barn to rent, we settled in to Gundaroo and have had the best time living here. It is close to the city if you need it, but far enough away that you are out in the bush on the weekends! You have the best of both worlds!

The locals are so friendly and we have made some great friends here – nice town and great company… how much better can it get!

Since we have been here, we have done a heap of things, but there is definitely more to do! I went to a horsemanship course in Sydney which I thoroughly enjoyed, we went up to the snow, down to Batemans Bay, camping at Wee Jasper and visited some friends in Sydney, just to name a few.

We had a lot of BNT reminiscing with Sue, Bill and Bob when we went down for a visit, and with Craig and Shirley who stopped in Gundaroo to do their book launch.

I was lucky enough to find a job that I have really enjoyed, and the girls at work have been so lovely.

One of the highlights of the rest stop was definitely on September 4, when Preston presented me with an engagement ring, which I have to brag that he designed and made himself (well with a bit of help from his sneaky offsider Cheryl!! ). I am happy to say that my answer was yes, and we are happily engaged. This BNT trip has definitely been a life changer for the both of us!!! I also had my 30th birthday here and I was lucky enough to have Mum fly down for the weekend. We have had a lot of big life events in this little, unsuspecting town!

The boys have also enjoyed their break, putting on so much weight that we had to get our saddle re-fitted …. They not only have been gutsing the brilliant grass, but having fun chasing the sheep around the paddock and galloping from grass patch to grass patch. They have not only fattened, but muscled up through their toplines thanks to the flat work and ground work we have been doing with them. They should be plenty fit enough when we get on the road again.

We have to say thank you to all the people we have met and loved spending time with… Phil, Jo, Hamish, Lachie, Col, Tanner, Lamby, Matt, Lyndal, Billy, Marsie, Libbie, George, Alarna, Dan and last but definitely not least of all, Kylie and Jimmy. Words cannot express how grateful we are to all of you who took us in and made us feel at home almost instantly. We look forward to seeing you all soon J

We are looking forward to this section of the trail as we have heard many great things about it – we have also heard how tough it can be and have been prepping ourselves for the steep hills as well! We have bought 2 ½ months of food to get us through, sorted it and sent it forward to different points on the trail. We prepped our gear, made new panels for our pack saddle as it had worn enough for us to replace it so it would make the end, ordered replacements for any broken or worn out gear and set out a rough timeline for the next couple of months. We are prepped and ready (we think!) for the next 1000km to go…..