Red Hill to Gundy

We hit 3500km! And we have made it as far as Gundy in the last 10 days. We were lucky enough to have a little visitor and have backup for this section, so we were able to power through the kilometres! Heading out from Kangaroo Flat, we felt the temperature drop and spent the first couple of nights camping at about 1300m, the temps were down around 3-5 degrees. It was a nice tester for us as it is just going to get colder from here! New Country Swamp was a cute little campsite with fires, firewood and a toilet – such luxury. We headed out the next day to cover the 30km to Ivans Dam. Unfortunately we found out that the camp no longer existed as the forestry has been logging there, but the supervisor was kind enough to take the time to look for a new camp for us! We ended up camping on the side of the road and walking 600m to water, which was not great but better than the alternative, which was riding another 25km. We saw our first wombat in this section, and thankfully the horses handled it well and were fine after a quick look and a snort. They, however, didn’t handle the wombat road kill as well…. I will admit they look at bit scary with 4 paws in the air and mouth open. There were hundreds of wombat holes at the next camp on Topdale road, but the feed was amazing. From there we headed across to a camp called Ponderosa Park through all of the old pines trees which were a little eerie with the fog that rolled through in the morning. Next stop was Nundle, a cute little town that is totally funded by tourism around their arts and wool mill. The pub did fantastic meals, and we had a great rest day exploring the town.

The Nundle area is very dry, and normally green, rolling hills were brown and hayed off. There was no water at the next camp so we climbed over Crawneys pass and found water at the bottom on the other side – in the Upper Hunter region! Ian, the station owner, brought us a dozen eggs, so we had an amazing omlete for dinner that night! The next 2 days took us through Timor and through to Gundy – we are definitely in horse country now and some of the money around here is just incomprehensible. But our regular old trail ponies aren’t snubbed by all the expensive horses – they all still come running to the fences to say hello! The heat has returned with some 30 degree days, but I think that will be short lived. We have shelter and showers in Gundy, and will take a couple of days off to shoe horses and organise the next book – we are 1 days ride away from completing book 8! The impending weather will dictate how long we stay, but I’m sure we will all enjoy the break!


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