Starting date…..

We have spent the last 2 days working hard to finalise our preparations and pack all of our gear. After making multiple phone calls to acertain the conditions of the track and trying to time our crossing through the Bloomfield River with low tide we have decided on a starting date. We have made a little modification to the BNT and have decided to skip the Creb track as it is not open and take the coast road.

We have organised and bagged food to drop off, be sent and picked up along the way, done a final revision of our packs, and packed the ute full of gear. We are very grateful to Gavin (Prestons Dad)  who is coming along to lend us support for the beginning of our adventure.

Wednesday morning we are heading up to Cooktown to start our journey on Thursday morning.  A great big thank you must be said to Bill who organised a place for us and the horses to stay and to Ricky for providing the above for our first night away, as the Turf Club is out of action.

I write this post with excitement and a bit of apprahension as to what will unfold over the next year. We are as organised and prepared as we will ever be and I am looking forward to starting the big adventure!!!