The adventure begins!

After many phone calls and much research to sus out river heights and track conditions, we decided to float all the horses up to cooktown for a start today! 2 trips with the float equated to 9 hours of driving… It was a big day to say the least and we came out the other side with a bit of luck. After a little incident with the float and one of the ponies, Mater only had a scratch to show for it.

We spent today organising ourselves and took the horses up to the official start and rode the first 3 and a half km back to camp, so we are officially away!


The horses seemed to have settled in quite well and handled the main street of cooktown well until dusty decided a Ute was the scariest thing he’d ever seen and mater realised parked cars could move! We had a very peaceful afternoon and the horses were happy to tuck into their dinner as you can see.

Thankyou to all the people who have helped us up in cooktown, especially Ricky Jerome and his family and Barry innes.

Early to bed tonight because the big days start tomorrow!!!